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We bring ideas to life

You want to innovate. Digital is the new normal and downtime is deterioration. But what ideas have a real chance of success and who brings them to life? Digitpaint is your partner from rough idea to live service. We understand your business and innovation is in our blood. We are happy to help you define and realize promising digital initiatives. Because there is always room for improvement. And because it is so pleasant when concepts are ambitious and achievable.

We don't drop the ball

As innovators, we work closely with our customers and with each other. We do everything we can to optimise the transfer between project phases and disciplines. We use agile project management methods when it delivers the best result, but we don't force it. We always find a way that is best for you and the project.

Future proof

We research the latest techniques and use them when they actually support your goals. Not because it is possible, but because it works. This way your customers get the experience they deserve and you stay ahead of your competitors. And with modern techniques you are assured of a future-proof result.

The responsive web.

Responsive and adaptive

We are masters at designing and building services that work anywhere, anytime. And we like to do everything to make use of the knowledge from the environment and earlier usage. This means that end users can easily use our services on any common device.

Time, money and quality

The golden triangle of project management. One of the three would have to suffer according to traditional thinking. But well thought-out services and quality software cost considerably less time and money in the long run. That's why we keep asking in the design phase and have an eye for quality. All our software is tested and reviewed to build a solid foundation for future developments.

Learning by doing

Every day we are working on the application of new and modern technology. We are happy to use the knowledge we gain this way to help your organisation. We can then quickly convert the best ideas into tangible results. Because seeing is believing and experiencing is the best learning experience. That is why we like to work quickly to a working model or service, such as a proof of concept. In each phase we can involve all stakeholders as early as possible in this way.


A slow service puts the patience of users to the test. Slow websites also get a low Google ranking. Dynamic menus, slideshows, social media, videos; the more dynamic the user interface, the more important it is that a service is well designed. We make sure that the user experience never suffers from poor performance. For example, we ensure that parts of a website are loaded in stages, so that the user does not have to wait for images to be loaded halfway through the page. Of course, we always take into account the lower speed of mobile connections.

Seamless integration

More and more channels and techniques need to form a logical whole in the interaction with your customers. We ensure that your services are seamlessly integrated with each other and the environment. Your users expect the same consistent service, regardless of the channel. Modern architectures make this possible and it is nice to know that your data, as well as your users data is safe.

The people we work for

We are lucky to be able to work with a lot of great clients and partners. This is just a small selection.

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